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Zentil Property Management is a privately owned real estate development and property management company that has been operating in the Greater Toronto Area for over fifty years, a testament to our strength as a flexible and dedicated organization. Delivering well-built residential, industrial, and commercial developments on time and on budget, ZPM is committed to excellence in every phase of development; guiding clients carefully through the design, planning, and implementation stages of every project is our first priority.

More recently, the ZPM team has entered the Design/Build market, specializing in matching a company's needs with respect to both location and design. In addition, we strive to ease the process of relocating to a new facility, offering helpful advice concerning such issues as office and warehouse layouts, exterior shipping concerns, construction specifications, and cost-benefit analysis.


Gary ZentilGarry Zentil 1956 – 2012On February 15, 2012 our family tragically lost my brother, Garry Zentil, who was an important part of my life and the lives of many friends, family members, and employees. We were especially fortunate to work together with our father who mentored us to manage different parts of the organization. We worked together for over 27 years and enjoyed each other’s company for close to 50 years. It was a special relationship that grew with each year as did our mutual respect and support of each other.
Garry started working at Zentil Property Management Inc. and Luxury Hardware in 1978. He enjoyed every aspect of the construction and property management business and especially enjoyed the client relationships he developed over the years.
We are proud to announce an educational bursary in my brother’s name for employees of Eagles Nest Golf Club, York Major Holdings Inc., Mayfair Tennis Courts Limited and the students of Chaminade College School. The bursary of $3,000 per year is open to students applying to university or college institutions. The bursary will grow to support 4 students per year for the balance of their undergraduate degrees.
We are hopeful that the students receiving these bursaries will carry on the legacy of my brother who made a fundamentally positive impact on all those who met or interacted with him throughout his life.
Sincerely yours,
Paul Zentil

indicator   Garry Zentil Memorial Scholarship Program

Zentil Property Management Inc. is proud to announce the Garry Zentil Memorial Scholarship Program. Eligible for this program are employees, the children or grandchildren of the employees of Eagles Nest Golf Club, York Major Holdings Inc., Mayfair Tennis Courts Limited and the students of Chaminade College School. The person who receives this scholarship will receive financial assistance each year for a bachelor or diploma program.

The first person to receive this scholarship was Cameron Prukner, in 2013.

2019 Recipient - Alexander Filip

"I am extremely grateful and honoured to receive the 2019 Garry Zentil Memorial Scholarship. I am currently enrolled at Queens University where I am completing my Commerce degree at the Smith School of Business with aspirations to work in the finance industry. I think it's incredible that such a large organization can still give back to its community and invest into helping the next generation of students to the extent that Zentil Property Management has done through this scholarship. Thank you to the Zentil family for your generosity in supporting my post-secondary education and investing into my dream. I will strive for nothing but success in memory of Mr. Zentil."
Alexander Filip

Christopher Ma

2018 Recipient - Christopher Ma

To Zentil Property Management and the Zentil Family,
I am honoured and ever grateful to have received the 2018 Garry Zentil Memorial Scholarship. I am currently studying Political Science and Philosophy at McGill University with the goal to eventually pursue a future in Law. It is amazing to see a company such as Zentil Property Management giving back to the community. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to know Mr. Zentil, but through learning about the impact he had on his family, friends, employees, and community, I have developed great respect for him. Through the generosity of the Zentil family, I will do nothing but strive for success in honour for Mr. Zentil.
Sincerely with gratitude,
Christopher Ma


2017 Recipient - Francesco Colella

As a proud student and member of the Eagles Nest Golf Course staff, I am honoured to have been selected as the 2017 recipient for the Garry Zentil Memorial Scholarship. I am currently studying at George Brown College, in the Honours Bachelor of Technology - Construction Management program. I hope to develop the skills and knowledge for a successful future, that will assist me to make an impact in our community that would make Mr. Garry Zentil proud. Thank you to the Zentil family for your generosity in supporting my post-secondary education. As I continue to grow as a student and human being, I will cherish this award as it is an inspiration which will be long lasting.
Francesco Colella


2016 Recipient - Danile Fusca

"As a graduate of Chaminade College School, I am very thankful to have been selected as one of the recipients of the 2016 Garry Zentil Memorial Scholarship. I am currently attending classes at the University of Toronto St. George Campus, and intend to pursue a degree in both Computational Biology and Evolutionary Biology. My goal is to further pursue my education to the graduate level and ultimately obtain my PhD. I am infinitely grateful for the generosity of the Zentil family for their support in my undergraduate education and will honour the memory of Garry Zentil by committing to community involvement and career excellence. Thank you for investing in my future."
Daniel Fusca


2015 Recipient - Allison Elgersma

"I am honoured to have been awarded the Garry Zentil Memorial Scholarship. I study in the Mathematics and Chartered Professional Accountancy program at the University of Waterloo and look forward to receiving my CPA designation in the future. I would like to thank the Zentil family for supporting me through my post-seconday education." 
Allison Elgersma


2014 Recipient - Nicole Chanderpaul

"I am grateful and honoured to be the 2014 recipient of the Garry Zentil Scholarship Program. This contribution to my future is assisting in my current pursuit of a Philosophy program and International Languages at the University Of Toronto which widens my potential possibilities for a future in Law. The generosity of the Zentil Family and their passion for assisting the next generation academically is an inspiration I will always carry with me."
Nicole Chanderpaul


2013 Recipient - Cameron Prukner

"I am a proud member of the Eagles Nest Golf Operations team for the past three years. I am honoured to be the first recipient of the Garry Zentil Scholarship Program. I would like to thank you for your generosity as the reward is something I will truly cherish as I continue to strive for excellence in education. Mr. Garry Zentil was well respected by the staff and his friends at Eagles Nest. As I begin my studies of business at McMaster University I will make a valiant effort to honour Garry Zentil and this prestigious award."
With great appreciation and Sincerity,
Cameron Prukner